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Slovakia or rather Czechoslovakia as it was around 1990.

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novy most.jpg
novy most sunset.jpg
petrzalka building.jpg
petrzalka building detail.jpg
petrzalka ice skating.jpg
ice hockey.jpg
crossing the road.jpg
road crossing.jpg
slovak elderly man.jpg
bratislava tram stop.jpg
bratislava street scene.jpg
slovak man carrying box.jpg
street photography bratislava_II.jpg
street photography bratislava.jpg
bratislava street photography_II.jpg
bratislava shop window reflection.jpg
bratislava pavement_II.jpg
bratislava pavement.jpg
bratislava shopping.jpg
bratislava shoppers.jpg
bratislava street photography.jpg
bratislava historic building.jpg
street band bratislava.jpg
bratislava market shoppers.jpg
bratislava market shopper_II.jpg
bratislava market shopper.jpg
bratislava ladies.jpg
bratislava chat_II.jpg
bratislava chat.jpg
bratislava people.jpg
bratislava couple.jpg
bratislava bus stop_IV.jpg
bratislava bus stop.jpg
bratislava bus stop_III.jpg
bratislava bus stop_II.jpg
bratislava queue.jpg
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