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Peter Jones is a Professional Documentary, Travel, Landscape, Heritage, Natural History, Wedding & Environmental Portrait Photographer and is keen on sharing the information gained from over 25 years of Photography with you.
"I take part and enter in major national and international competitions; this keeps me right at the top of my game thus adding to my knowledge of contemporary photography; I fervently disbelieve the old adage "If you can, do if you can't teach"; a teacher must be able not only to do but also at an extremely high and consistent level. For blatant showing off and bragging please visit my Awards page. For my own images please visit my Gallery."
"We are all photographers now using no end of apparatus from mobile phones to enormous cameras in size and capacity to capture those images in an instant that will never happen again; some people want to do it a lot better and that is where I come in; I can help you to improve your photography at whatever level you are at whether tyro, novice, intermediate or at an advanced level; I teach on a one to one; one to many or to groups."
"The digital revolution has created as many issues as it has solved and one of the great vexed questions of many photographers is the use and processing with software; I have been using software for processing since 2000 when I scanned film to create a digital file; I used my first digital camera in 2001; I can help you to comprehend digital software without jargon, verbiage and gobbledygook in terms that you can understand, apply and start to process your pictures."
Tuition starts at £25 per hour.

The above image gained a Highly Commended award within the Societies of Photographers Monthly Competition.

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